Descendants of Hiram Cook

This is a list of the descendants of Hiram Cook of Arkansas living in Missouri.
Any & all corrections / additions are welcome, email address at end.

1-Hiram COOK (Jan 1857-)
sp: Rebecca J. (Jun 1859-)
2-Dorthula Francis COOK (11 Mar 1885-27 Oct 1957)
sp: Delbert Harry CARPENTER (21 Nov 1880-25 Mar 1956)
3-Flossie Pearle CARPENTER (9 May 1900-8 Feb 1978)
sp: Frank Phillip FLICKER (17 Oct 1898-17 Oct 1977)
4-Dorothy Cora FLICKER (21 Aug 1919-29 Jan 2001)
sp: George Joseph SATRAPA (16 Nov 1916-19 Nov 2000)
5-Joseph Frank SATRAPA (Private)
sp1: Pamela Jean GULA (Private)
6-Kasandra Jo SATRAPA (Private)
sp2: Carol STANDISH (Private)
6-Vance Joseph SATRAPA (Private)
5-Georgia Ann SATRAPA (Private)
sp: Raymond DENNIS (Private)
6-Jason Ray DENNIS (Private)
3-Eva May CARPENTER (5 Jan 1903-19 Jan 1987)
sp: Fredrick Edward BOYER (18 Jul 1898-Jun 1965)
3-Willie Juanita CARPENTER (13 Nov 1904-20 Jan 1989)
sp: Jules Alphonso RHINE (16 Apr 1904-8 Aug 1994)
4-Jules Wayne RHINE (Private)
sp: Alma Jean SUTTER (Private)
5-Jules Wayne RHINE (Private)
sp: Amy Marie RAPP (Private)
6-Irene Viola RHINE (Private)
6-Matthew Jules RHINE (Private)
6-Jeffrey Carl RHINE (Private)
5-James Allen RHINE (Private)
4-Shirley Francis RHINE (Private)
sp: William Allan TAYLOR (Private)
5-William Jules TAYLOR (Private)
sp1: Michele Denise RALLYA (Private)
6-Misty Dawn TAYLOR (Private)
sp: Ryan Lee ROSENCRANCE (Private)
7-Tyler Anthony ROSENCRANCE (Private)
6-Shannon Leigh TAYLOR (Private)
sp2: Diana Ruth CAMPBELL (Private)
sp3: Diana Ruth CAMPBELL (Private)
sp4: Dawn Andrea ADAMS (-)
5-Robert Steven TAYLOR (Private)
sp: Lora Jane SEKERAK (Private)
6-Jarrett Jules TAYLOR (Private)
6-Crystal Lynn TAYLOR (Private)
6-Joseph James TAYLOR (Private)
sp: Robert Donald SCHOENTHAL (16 Sep 1927-3 Mar 2002)
5-Donald Scott SCHOENTHAL (Private)
5-Ronald Glenn SCHOENTHAL (Private)
3-Jessie CARPENTER (1908-5 Jan 1920)
2-George COOK (-)
2-Tom COOK (-)
2-Will COOK (-)



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Last Updated on
7 February 2005
By J. Wayne Rhine