Descendants of George Rhine (Rhyne)(Ryan)

  This is a list of the descendants of George Rhine. George was a Revolutionary War veteran from the state of Virginia He moved his family to Gallia County, Ohio.
One child, Martin & Rachel (nee Miller) Rhine married 20 Nov 1832 in Darke County, Ohio.
  The surname spelling has varied from Rhyne, Rhiner, Rhines, Ryan to Rhine in the the 1700 & 1800's records. The spelling also changed in census and legal records at different times for each of the children.
  The parents of Rachel Miller are David Miller and Catherine Studebaker.
Any & all corrections / additions are welcome, email address at end.

1-George Rhine; born: 1759, Bath, VA, British America; died: 1 September 1838, Springfield, Gallia, OH, USA
sp1:Julia Ann (Rhine); born: about 1760, Bath, VA, British America; marr: 1782, VA, USA; died: about 1795, Bath, VA, USA
2-Sarah Rhine; born: October 1779, Richmond, Richmond, VA, USA; died: 15 September 1884, Washington Twp, Jackson, OH, USA
sp:Edward Byers; born: 5 December 1777, Botetourt, Montgomery, VA, USA; marr: 26 February 1806, Kyger Twp, Gallia, OH, USA; died: 30 August 1855, Washington Twp, Jackson, OH, USA
3-Amanda Byers
3-George Jacob Byers; born: 3 March 1806, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 10 November 1881, Shelby, IL, USA
3-Elizabeth Byers; born: 1808, OH, USA; died: 1873, Jackson, OH, USA
3-Hester Byers; born: 1810, OH, USA; died: 18 January 1885, Richland, Vinton, OH, USA
3-Charles Joseph Byers; born: 22 October 1812, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 21 August 1883, Jackson, OH, USA
3-Isaac Lorenzo Byers; born: 20 November 1813, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 9 August 1896, Byer, Jackson, OH, USA
3-Abraham Byers; born: 21 November 1816, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 12 July 1889, Ross, OH, USA
3-Sarah Byers; born: 1818, Jackson, OH, USA
3-Mary Byers; born: 1823, OH, USA; died: 1859
3-William J. Byers; born: 1826, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 1905, Jackson, OH, USA
sp:Mary (Marge) McKinniss; born: 1829, OH, USA; marr: 18 March 1847, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 1868, Jackson, OH, USA
4-Sarah Byers; born: 1848, OH, USA; died: 1938, Washington Twp, Jackson, OH, USA
4-Savilla Byers; born: November 1861, Jackson, OH, USA
4-Lilemmin Byers; born: 1863, Jackson, OH, USA
4-William S. Byers; born: 1868, Jackson, OH, USA; died: 1929, Jackson, OH, USA
3-Charlotte Byers; born: 1827, OH, USA; died: 1900, MO, USA
3-Lucinda Byers; born: 1828, OH, USA; died: 30 April 1887, Richland, Vinton, OH, USA
3-Minerva Byers; born: 1832, Jackson, OH, USA; died: June 1855, Jackson, OH, USA
2-Elizabeth Rhine; born: 1785, Bath, VA, USA
2-Jurusha Rhine
2-Charles M Rhine; born: 1792, Bath, VA, USA; died: 10 November 1859, Bath, VA, USA
sp2:Mary (Rhine); born: about 1773, VA, USA; marr: 6 April 1797, Rockingham, VA, USA; died: 26 August 1848, Gallia, OH, USA
2-Mary "Polly" Rhine; born: about 1803
sp:Alexander Greenwood; born: 15 October 1802, Canada; marr: 16 July 1845, Gallia, OH, USA; died: 9 May 1863, Gallipolis, Gallia, OH, USA
2-James Rhine; born: 3 January 1804, Gallia, OH, USA; died: 22 May 1857
sp:Ellender (Eleanor) Woten; born: 27 August 1809, Gallia, OH, USA; marr: 11 June 1826, Gallia, OH, USA; died: 26 July 1861, Matamoras, Blackford, IN, USA
3-Charles Augusta Rhine; born: 27 April 1827, Gallia, OH, USA; died: about 1905, Gallia, OH, USA
sp:Susan Fox; born: about 1830, IN, USA; marr: 17 November 1850, Blackford, IN, USA
4-Calvin A. Rhine; born: 22 September 1855, Harrison, Blackford, IN, USA
sp1:Sarah M. Howell; born: about 1854, IN, USA; marr: 20 May 1876, Blackford, IN, USA
5-Victor H. Rhine; born: 10 May 1875, Hartford City, Blackford, IN, USA
SP:Lela Tyner; born: 20 April 1891, Blackford, IN, USA; marr: 22 February 1919, Blackford, IN, USA
sp2:Margaret C. "Maggie" Byers; born: 8 July 1862, Erie, OH, USA; marr: about 1893; died: 9 January 1937, Fort Wayne, Allen, IN, USA
4-Ithamar "Arthoma" Rhine; born: Dec 1857, Harrison, Blackford, IN, USA
sp:Caroline F. Ranson; born: Feb 1860, IN, USA; marr: 9 May 1877, Blackford, IN, USA
5-Rollie Rhine; born: Mar 1879; IN, USA
5-Mearl Rhine; born: Dec 1881; IN, USA
4-Alice Rhine; born: about 1863, Harrison, Blackford, IN, USA
sp1:Edgar P Smith; marr: 7 June 1882, Blackford, IN, USA
sp3:Frank Parsons; born: IN, USA; marr: 4 September 1917, Fort Wayne, Allen, IN, USA
4-Emma Rhine; born: Oct 1871, Harrison, Blackford, IN, USA
3-Martin Rhine; born: 21 September 1828, Gallia, OH, USA; died: 25 May 1876, Richardson, NE, USA
SP:Sarah Prudence Maddox; born: 20 March 1831, Highland, OH, USA; marr: 30 September 1849, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 24 December 1909, Richardson, NE, USA
4-Isaac Gilruth Rhine; born: 18 July 1850, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 2 February 1898, Wellston, Lincoln, OK, USA
sp:Mary M. Martin; born: 24 August 1850, Holt, Clay, MO, USA; marr: 18 August 1870, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 1 January 1930, Cowley, KS, USA
5-Nettie E. Rhine; born: 14 October 1872, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 18 February 1907, Wellston, Lincoln, OK, USA
sp:Lee W. Todd; born: 11 March 1872, Netawaka, Jackson, KS, USA; died; 28 Mar 1944 in Pasco, FL, USA; marr: 1899
6-Brittie Beatrice Todd; born: 5 October 1899, Wellston, Lincoln, OK, USA; died: 20 June 1978, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA
sp:Harry Patrick Cullen; born: 3 Apr 1897, Edmond, OK, USA; died: 9 Feb 1987, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA; marr:
7-Harold Louis Cullen; born: 28 Dec 1921 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA; died: 12 Oct 2010 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA
sp1:Martha Giesey; marr: 1940
8-Harold Patrick Cullen; born: 24 March 1942; died: 9 September 1942
8-Jean Cullen
sp:(unk) Newman
sp2:Glenora Thompson; born: 1 Aug 1921 in Provence, Carter, OK, USA; died: 12 Feb 1997, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA; marr: 19 Jul 1948
8-Patrick S. Cullen
sp:Pamela (Cullen) ; marr:
8-John Cullen
sp:Laura; marr:
8-Stacy Cullen
sp:Dr. James Marshall Merrifield; marr:
9-Lindsey L. Merrifield
sp:Dustin Osgood; marr:
10-Conrad Osgood
10-Reese Elizabeth Osgood
9-Sarah Merrifield
sp:Kent Byers; marr:
9-Chelsea Lynn Merrifield
sp:Jeremy McConnell; marr:
8-Mary Cullen
sp:Tim Leake; marr:
8-Bill Cullen
sp:Pamela Sue (Cullen); marr:
9-Amanda Michelle Cullen
9-James Anthony Cullen
9-Brian Patrick Cullen
9-Kelly Cullen
8-Cecil Cullen
sp:Bob Bailey; marr:
7-Patricia J. Cullen; born: 1929, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA
sp:Harry Arthur Waltemath; born: 28 January 1927, North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA; died: 23 October 1996, North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA; marr: 24 June 1951, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA
7-William E Cullen; born: 1930, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA; died: August 1952, Clackamas, OR, USA
7-Mary Kay Cullen; born: 1939, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA; died: 24 December 1962, North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA
sp:James Dale Dryden; born: 11 August 1937, North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA; died: 2 June 2008, Glenwood Springs, Garfield, CO, USA; marr: July 1958
6-Vivien Virginia Todd; born: 11 Nov 1903 in Wellston City, Lincoln, OK, USA; died: 27 Oct 1994 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA;
sp:John F. Collins; born: 1903, AK, USA; marr: 9 October 1920, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA
5-Myrtle Sarah Rhine; born: about 1875, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA
sp:Elmer Mercer; marr:
6-Jessie Mercer; born: 1896; died: 1897
6-Ruth E. Mercer; born: 26 August 1898, NE, USA
6-Ralph E. Mercer; born: 26 August 1898, NE, USA; died: May 1995
sp:Hester Ford; marr:
7-Ralph E. Mercer Jr.; born: 1925
sp:Mary Krentz; marr:
8-Sue Mercer; born: (private)
8-Ruth Mercer; born: (private)
8-Jeanne Mercer; born: (private)
5-Mary Alice Rhine; born: 18 May 1878, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 23 November 1904, Paonia, Delta, CO, USA
sp:Charles Lamerton Rosecrans; born: 11 July 1871, Ladora, Iowa, IA, USA; marr: 27 January 1897, Chandler, Lincoln, OK, USA; died: 25 May 1938, Durango, LaPlata, CO, USA
6-Opal Rosecrans; born: 15 November 1897, Chandler, Lincoln, NE, USA; died: 17 January 1988, Vallejo, Solano, CA, USA
sp1:Emery Elmer Mayn; born: 28 October 1897, LaPlata, CO, USA; marr: 27 September 1919, Durango, La Plata, CO, USA; died: 6 March 1989, Reno, Washoe, NV, USA
7-Lola Juanita Mayn; born: 19 April 1921
sp:Robert McElwain; marr: 13 December 1973, Berkeley, Contra Costa, CA, USA
7-Clora Blenndena Mayn; born: 5 November 1922
sp1:Clarence Siebold; marr: 1944
sp2:Grady Wynn; marr: April 1954
7-Winona Morell Mayn; born: 23 January 1925
sp:Gilbert Charles Harris; marr: 17 February 1943, Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico, USA
7-Emery Lamerton Mayn; born: 18 September 1928; died: 5 July 1940, Durango, LaPlata, CO, USA
7-Daphne Maxine Mayn; born: 30 November 1930; died: 23 December 1940, Durango, LaPlata, CO, USA
7-Elma Ione Mayn; born: 13 March 1932, Durango, LaPlata, CO, USA; died: 15 August 1943, Oakland, Alameda, CA, USA
sp2:Erwin E Richtzenhain; born: 22 December 1895, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA; marr: 29 January 1946, Vallejo, Solano, CA, USA; died: 18 June 1980, Vallejo, Solano, CA, USA
6-Verna Rosecrans; born: 18 August 1900, Paonia, Delta, CO, USA; died: 26 July 1973, Derby, Sedgwick, KS, USA
sp1:Theodore Tunstall; born: about 1900, Cowley, KS, USA; marr: 17 March 1917, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA
7-Carl Theodore Tunstall; born: 5 November 1917; died: 1946
sp2:Harold Don Carlos Horn; born: 1902, Grenola, Elk, KS, USA; marr: ; died: 2 December 1958
7-Ramona Horn; born: 1924
sp:Grant Dwyer; marr: (-)
7-Donna Jo Horn; born: February 1932
6-Lloyd Landon Rosecrans; born: 5 February 1902, Paonia, Delta, CO, USA; died: 3 May 1905, Wellston, Lincoln, OK, USA
5-Edith Mae Rhine; born: 30 May 1880, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 23 April 1958, Crowley, KS, USA
sp:Francis Lowell Tannehill; born: 1878; marr: about 1896; died: 27 April 1956, Crowley, KS, USA
6-Francis Lowell Tannehill Jr.; born: 14 January 1899, OK, USA; died: 27 June 1971, San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA
6-Maryanne Tannehill; born: 2 April 1903, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; died: 21 February 1938, Waukegan, Lake, IL, USA
sp:Edwin Kapsa; born: 4 June 1897, IL, USA; marr: ; died: April 1982
6-Esther L. Tannehill; born: 7 February 1906, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; died: 20 December 1910, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
6-Hazel M. Tannehill; born: about 1908, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
sp1:Arnold Harry Olsen; born: about 1907, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; marr: about 1926
7-Arnold Harry Olsen Jr.; born: 20 August 1926, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; died: 18 August 1946, Antioch, Lake IL, USA
7-Mary L. Olsen; born: 28 September 1928, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA; died: 28 April 1935, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
6-Phyllis M. Tannehill; born: about 1914, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA
6-Marion Tannehill (-)
5-Mabel Rosetta Rhine; born: 30 May 1880, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 20 April 1963, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp1:Clarence J. Martin; marr: (-)
6-Orpha Martin
6-Richard Pierce Martin; born: 29 July 1901, Sioux City, Woodbury, IA, USA; died: 8 September 1977, TX, USA
sp:Belva Harriett Williams; born: 3 February 1917, Wilmot, Crowley, KS, USA; marr: 24 September 1933, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
7-Ruth Harriett Martin; born: 12 December 1935, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Peter Aronis; marr: 1975
7-Raymond Lewis Martin; born: 18 October 1937, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Marilyn Rogers; marr: Beaumont, Jefferson, TX, USA
7-Bonnie Rosetta Martin; born: (private), Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA
sp:Jacob D. Van Ramshorst; marr: (private), McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
7-George Patton Martin; born: (private), McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Ersa (Martin); marr: Edinburg, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp2:Charles Henry Eastman; born: 4 December 1850, Union, Tolland, CT, USA; marr: 5 December 1926; died: 3 January 1935, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
5-Isaac Richard Martin "Dick" Rhine; born: 19 April 1890, Oxford, Sumner, KS, USA; died: 4 August 1964
sp1:Marie Margaret Thompson; marr:
sp2:Fern Olive Easterday; born: 26 March 1893, KS, USA; marr: 9 February 1913, Cowley, KS, USA; died: August 1987, Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA
6-Isaac Martin Rhine (-)
6-Richard Martin Rhine (-)
6-Juanita Olive Rhine; born: 1914
sp:Wesley Rockwell Keasling; born: 1 December 1910; marr: 28 March 1934; died: January 1983, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA
7-Marvin Rockwell Keasling; born: 1 May 1935, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA
sp:Linda Beatrice Shorter; marr: (private)
8-Linda Gail Keasling (-)
sp:Dennis Ray Burkett; marr: (-)
9-Jennifer Nicole Burkett (-)
9-Jeffrey Ray Burkett (-)
8-Marvin David Keasling (-)
sp:Shirley Metcalf; marr: (-)
9-Tristan Coe Keasling (-)
7-Katherine Caroline Keasling; born: 28 December 1936, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA; died: 19 June 2001, Peabody, Marion, KS, USA
sp1:Robert Lee Oliver; marr: (-)
8-John Wesley Oliver (-)
sp2:Amos Milton; marr: 31 May 1968, Miami, Ottawa, OK, USA; died: 1990
7-Linda Jeanne Keasling; born: (private)
sp:William Frederick Stueckemann; marr: (private)
7-John Wesley Keasling; born: (private)
6-Anna Vera Rhine; born: 1 December 1919, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA; died: 31 March 2000, Spokane, Spokane, WA, USA
sp:Emil Fleming; marr: (-)
7-Nancy Fleming (-)
7-Ronald Fleming (-)
6-Robley Dick Rhine Ph.D; born: 30 December 1930, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA; died: 26 October 2009, Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA
sp:Peggy Ann Luck; born: 20 June 1930, Fargo, Cass, ND, USA; marr: 7 September 1958, Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA; died: 6 July 2001, Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA
4-George Washington Rhine; born: 25 March 1853, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 9 December 1932, Quintar, Gove, KS, USA
sp:Josephine Katherine Catron; born: 15 March 1858, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; marr: 3 July 1876, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 21 January 1936, Grove, KS, USA
5-Nellie Prudence Rhine; born: 16 February 1877, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 3 March 1956, Montrose, Montrose, CO, USA
sp:Charles Ralph Summers; born: 20 January 1874, Shoals, Martin, IN, USA; marr: 26 July 1899, WaKeeney, Trego, KS, USA; died: 14 August 1942, Scott City, Scott, KS, USA
6-Etta Viola Summers; born: 13 January 1900, Grove, KS, USA; died: April 1973, Montrose, Montrose, CO, USA
sp:Kenneth Linsacum; born: 13 November 1895, Pence, Scott, KS, USA; marr: 3 June 1926, Emporia, Lyon, KS, USA; died: 3 August 1957, Grand Junction, Mesa, CO, USA
6-Ralph Marion Summers; born: 9 January 1902, Grove, KS, USA; died: December 1974, KS, USA
6-Beryl Harriett Summers; born: 8 February 1904, Grove, KS, USA; died: 12 March 1971, Scott City, Scott, KS, USA
sp:Henry Albert Horton; born: 27 April 1904, Jonesburg, Warren, MO, USA; marr: 20 April 1928, Scott City, Scott, KS, USA; died: 31 December 1970, Scott City, Scott, KS, USA
7-James Henry Horton (-)
sp:Martha Frances Pauletic; marr: (-)
8-Timothy Alan Horton (-)
sp:Sidney Frances Brown; marr: (-)
8-Leslie Horton (-)
8-Alison Horton (-)
sp:William Burke Mendenhall III; marr: (-)
6-Beula L Summers; born: about 1907, KS, USA
6-Wayne G Summers; born: 14 March 1912, KS, USA; died: January 1975, Lawrence, Douglas, KS, USA
6-Harold Emmet Summers; born: 22 September 1914, Great Bend, Barton, KS, USA; died: 17 May 1918, Scott City, Scott, KS, USA
6-Elberta M Summers; born: November 1917, KS, USA
5-James Martin Rhine; born: 4 January 1879, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 22 November 1960, Denver, Denver, CO, USA
sp:Susan Wilma Weir; born: 3 February 1885, Scotia, Greeley, NE, USA; marr: 8 August 1902, Gove, Gove, KS, USA; died: 17 July 1958, Tuscon, Pima, AZ, USA
6-Luella V. Rhine; born: about 1904, KS, USA
6-Wilbur J. Rhine; born: about 1910, KS, USA
6-Marie O. Rhine; born: about 1913, KS, USA
5-Edna Viola Rhine; born: 14 March 1881, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 15 November 1979, Hawthorne, Los Angeles, CA, USA
sp:Alvin Emmett Barber; born: 13 April 1882, Janesville, Rock, WI, USA; marr: 14 January 1900, Gove, Gove, KS, USA; died: 11 September 1957, Hawthorne, Los Angeles, CA, USA
5-George Clifton Rhine; born: 3 February 1883, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 16 February 1956, Baldwin, Douglas, KS, USA
sp:Hazel Ann Huston; born: 16 January 1886, Perry, Dallas, IA, USA; marr: 4 October 1907, Perry, Dallas, IA, USA; died: 27 June 1947, Baldwin, Douglas, KS, USA
6-Phillis Ethel Rhine; born: 3 August 1909; died: 7 September 1999
sp:Zara Moses Rebarchek; born: 20 May 1905; marr: ; died: August 1977
7-Patricia Jean Rebarchek; born: 30 December 1928; died: 29 October 1999
sp:Wilbur Carlyle Wagner; marr: (-)
8-Gary A. Wagner (-)
8-Bruce S. Wagner (-)
sp:Sandra Lea Friedley; marr: (-)
9-Aubree L. Wagner (-)
sp:Nick Behm; marr: (-)
9-Larissa K. Wagner (-)
9-Shiloh Wagner (-)
8-Craig M. Wagner; died: 5 August 1982
8-Vicki Wagner (-)
sp:Victor Bojorquez; marr: (-)
9-Craig Bojorquez (-)
sp:Brandi Quintanilla; marr: (-)
9-Jesse Bojorquez (-)
9-Morgan Bojorquez (-)
7-Johnny C Rebarchek; born: 16 March 1930; died: 28 July 1953
7-Phyllis Lynn Rebarchek (-)
sp:Walter Kyle; born: 29 September 1935; marr: ; died: 8 August 2009
8-Jeff Kyle (-)
sp:Tonya Michelle Brower; marr: (-)
9-Alissa Kyle (-)
9-Heather Kyle (-)
8-Mike Kyle (-)
sp:Dawn Jones; marr: (-)
9-Lane Kyle (-)
9-Lyndee Kyle (-)
9-Owen Kyle (-)
6-Kathryn Catherine Rhine; born: 3 July 1911; died: 18 October 1997, Ottowa, Franklin, KS, USA
sp1:Rex Banker; marr: (-)
7-Donald Rex Banker (-)
sp1:Inge Groemmling; marr: (-)
8-Andrew Clifford Banker (-)
8-Bettina Banker; born: 31 March 1961
sp2:Eloiza da Cunha; marr: (-)
8-Daniella Christina Banker (-)
sp:Chet Lamis; marr: (-)
8-Suzanne Marie Banker (-)
sp:Patrick Buchanan; marr: (-)
sp3:Donna Lee Greenlaw; marr: (-)
7-Dorothy Lee Banker; born: 3 July 1936; died: 13 November 2011
sp1:Gary Taylor; born: 12 November 1936; marr: ; died: 23 February 1993
8-Leigh Ann Taylor (-)
sp1:Larry Dean Nelson; marr: (-)
9-Lyle Nelson (-)
9-Lucas Nelson (-)
9-Lauren Nelson (-)
sp:Skylar C Radenberg; marr: (-)
10-Riley Radenberg (-)
10-Miranda Radenberg (-)
sp2:Brian Griffis; marr: (-)
8-Gary Todd Taylor (-)
sp:Kay (Taylor); marr: (-)
9-Clint Taylor (-)
9-Hayley Taylor (-)
9-Emilie Taylor (-)
sp2:Richard Larkin; marr: (-)
sp2:Eldon C. Henley; born: 27 November 1916; marr: ; died: 4 July 1998
7-Edward Eldon Henley (-)
sp1:Louise Bond; marr: (-)
8-Edward Eldon Henley Jr. (-)
sp2:Kay Sanders; marr: (-)
8-Christopher Eugene Henley (-)
sp3:Wanda (Henley); marr: (-)
7-Jerome Allen Henley (-)
sp1:Judy Kay Horne; marr: (-)
8-Debra Kay Henley (-)
sp:John Daniel Ruff; marr: (-)
9-Ashli Ruff (-)
sp:Justin Smith; marr: (-)
9-Jessica Kaylene Ruff (-)
10-Kaydence Danielle Martin (-)
8-Joannie Renee Henley (-)
sp:Michael Wayne Pearson; marr: (-)
9-Kai Michael Pearson (-)
9-Rylie Nicole Pearson (-)
sp2:Norma Ann Arnett; marr: (-)
7-Robert Henley (-)
sp1:Julie Richardson; marr: (-)
8-Richard Lee Henley (-)
8-David Jerome Henley (-)
sp2:Debbi (Henley); marr: (-)
sp3:Ernie Snodgrass; marr: (-)
6-George Lester Rhine; born: 6 July 1914, Longmont, Boulder, CO, USA; died: 9 December 2001, Little Rock, Pulaski, AK, USA
sp1:Eleanor Tyson; marr: (-)
7-Georgia Lee Rhine (-)
7-George Michael Rhine; born: 21 February 1948; died: 23 April 1984
7-David Rhine (-)
sp2:Blanche Jensen; marr: (-)
7-Frederick John Rhine (-)
sp:Jean Ellen Duggleby; marr: (-)
8-Rachael L Rhine (-)
sp:Mark Siebert; marr: (-)
7-Robert Rhine (-)
sp3:Lena (Rhine); marr: (-)
sp4:Jane Bradford Brown; born: Dardanelle, Yell, AK, USA; marr:
6-Rolland Huston Rhine; born: 1916, Grainfield, Gove, KS, USA; died: 13 August 1990, Fox, Stone, AK, USA
sp:Lorraine Barnes; marr: (-)
6-Clyde D Rhine; born: 28 September 1918, Grainfield, Gove, KS, USA; died: 29 March 2011, Wellsville, Franklin, KS, USA
sp1:Marie C. Gardner; born: 21 February 1921; marr: ; died: 5 November 1983
7-Constance Josephine "Connie" Rhine
sp:Edwin Clark Sprake; born: 11 March 1939; marr: ; died: 15 December 1999
8-Shelley Sprake (-)
sp:Douglas Richard Geisler; marr: (-)
9-Julia Geisler (-)
sp:Aron Hotalen; marr: (-)
9-Laura Geisler (-)
7-Judy Kay Rhine (-)
sp1:McCall; marr: (-)
8-David McCall (-)
sp:Kris Starkie; marr: (-)
9-Ryan McCall (-)
9-Sean McCall (-)
9-Corryn McCall (-)
sp2:Frank Schraml; marr: (-)
sp3:Carl (Doc) Busse; marr: (-)
sp4:Will Guthrie; marr: (-)
7-Vicki Louise Rhine (-)
sp1:Mark King; marr: (-)
8-Brent King (-)
sp2:Robert Kent Berry; marr: (-)
sp2:Rose (Rhine); marr: (-)
sp3:Juanita A. Baxter; born: 29 September 1918; marr: ; died: 30 January 2004
6-Lillian Bernice Rhine; born: 21 January 1921, Grainfield, Gove, KS, USA; died: 21 October 2004, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp:Roy Arnold Clemings; born: 4 December 1916, Creighton, Cass, MO, USA; marr: ; died: 2 August 1988, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
7-Beverly Jean Clemings (-)
sp:Larry Kenneth Rhodes; born: 2 January 1963; marr: ; died: 19 February 2007
8-Michael Kenneth Rhodes; born: 2 January 1963; died: 19 February 2007
8-Lesley Anne Rhodes (-)
sp:Jeffrey Scot Johnson; marr: (-)
9-Alyssa Nicole Johnson (-)
9-Taylor Anne Johnson (-)
9-Jake Scot Johnson (-)
7-Russell A. Clemings (-)
sp:Elizabeth Ann Lewis; marr: (-)
8-Elaine Becker Clemings (-)
6-Helen M Rhine; born: 8 October 1922; died: 7 March 2011
sp:Roy D. Crawford; born: 26 May 1920, Centropolis, Franklin, KS, USA; marr: 15 August 1942, Ottowa, Franklin, KS, USA; died: 21 November 2008, Overbrook, Osage, KS, USA
7-Dee Ann Crawford; born: September 1945
sp:Leonard Eugene Shuck; born: 30 October 1946, Lawrence, Douglas, KS, USA; marr: 11 March 1966, Centropolis, Franklin, KS, USA; died: 26 February 2008, Richmond Care Center, Richmond, Franklin, KS, USA
8-Tracy Shuck (-)
sp1:Tim Alexander; marr: (-)
sp2:Mark Martin; marr: (-)
9-Paige Martin (-)
9-Alec Martin (-)
9-Clay Martin (-)
8-Travis Leonard Shuck; born: (private), Ottowa, Franklin, KS, USA
sp:Sayre Marie Klaus; born: (private); marr:
9-Tayden Shuck (-)
9-Dylan Shuck (-)
sp:Shaely Marie (Shuck); marr: (-)
7-Claudia Lyndel Crawford; born: (private)
sp:Tom Terrell; marr: (-)
8-Luke Terrell (-)
8-Levi Terrell (-)
7-Nancy Crawford
sp1:Rudy Sudja; marr:
8-Clifford Roy Sudja; born: 14 January 1985; died: 14 September 2003
8-Rebecca Sudja (-)
9-Carter (lnu) (-)
sp:Kelly Hockey; marr: (-)
9-Kaitlyn Hockey (-)
9-Cy Hockey (-)
8-Nathan Sudja (-)
sp:Alli (Sudja); marr: (-)
9-Deagan Sudja (-)
sp2:Thomas E. Sanders DVM; marr: (-)
8-Rachel Sanders (-)
7-Clyde E. Crawford; born: 11 February 1958; died: 4 June 1961
7-Lois Crawford (-)
sp1:Allan Crist; marr: (-)
sp2:Jay Ardahl; marr: (-)
8-Jessica Ardahl (-)
9-Kava (Ardahl) (-)
9-Lexie (Ardahl) (-)
8-Jayson Ardahl (-)
sp:Beth (Ardahl); marr: (-)
9-Naysa Ardahl (-)
6-Alma Josephine Rhine; born: 1925
sp:Bill D. Warnock; born: 31 May 1925, Wellsville, Franklin, KS, USA; marr: 4 August 1946, Baldwin, Franklin, KS, USA; died: 13 November 2006, Overland Park, Johnson, KS, USA
7-Carol Warnock (-)
sp:Raymond (Mike) Baker; marr: (-)
8-Ashley Baker (-)
sp1:Andrew Anderson; marr: (-)
sp2:William Taylor; marr: (-)
8-Brooke Baker (-)
7-Susan Warnock (-)
sp:Loren (Butch) Schuman; marr: (-)
8-Jennifer Schuman (-)
sp:Stewart Bogart; marr: (-)
8-Mark Schuman (-)
5-Mary Ethel Rhine; born: 25 December 1884, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 27 June 1974, Sterling, Logan, CO, USA
sp:Albert Hemming Tetsell; born: 23 December 1881, Messex, Logan, CO, USA; marr: 29 January 1909, Gove, Gove, KS, USA; died: 22 August 1974, Sterling, Logan, CO, USA
6-Lucille Tetsell; born: 1911
6-Lorraine Tetsell; born: 1918
6-Lois Ethel Tetsell; born: 1921
5-Vernon Delmond Rhine; born: 10 July 1897, Grove, Grove, KS, USA; died: 8 September 1952, Sterling, Logan, CO, USA
sp:Hazel Allie Scott; born: 22 October 1899, Grainfield, Gove, KS, USA; marr: 9 June 1919, Russell Springs, Logan, KS, USA; died: 12 September 1971, Sterling, Logan, CO, USA
6-James Rhine; born: about 1931
6-Florence Ellen Rhine; born: 6 October 1920
sp:John Schneider; marr: 15 April
7-Harry Schneider (-)
sp:Dianne Richmeier; marr: (-)
8-Andy Schneider (-)
8-Scotty Schneider (-)
8-Hilary Kai Schneider (-)
6-Gilbert LeRoy Rhine; born: 19 April 1923; died: 9 April 1996, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson, CO, USA
sp:Helen Luft; marr:
7-Sharon Rhine (-)
7-Nancy Lee Rhine (-)
sp:Thomas Leroy Stadler; marr: (private), St. Bernadettes, Lakewood, CO, USA
8-Ryan Stadler (-)
8-Randy Stadler (-)
8-Rebecca Stadler (-)
7-Roger Rhine (-)
7-Debbie Rhine (-)
7-Todd Rhine (-)
6-Albert Leland Rhine; born: 28 October 1924; died: June 1974
sp1:Mary Wear; marr: (-)
sp2:Lavona Williams; marr: (-)
6-Wanda Jean Rhine; born: 10 September 1926
sp:Paul Duane Walraven; born: 2 January 1927; marr: 15 October 1944; died: 2 November 1999, Commerce City, Adams, CO, USA
7-Irene Kay Walraven (-)
sp:Harold (Pete) Praznik; marr: (-)
7-Susan Jean Walraven (-)
7-Becky Ann Walraven (-)
6-Wilma Ruth Rhine; born: 5 February 1929
sp:Kent Hall Riddle; born: 4 December 1925; marr: 4 August 1951
7-Neil Scott Riddle (-)
7-Vernon Lyle Riddle (-)
7-Karen Ruth Riddle (-)
4-Frances E. Rhine; born: 6 March 1856, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 13 March 1880, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA
sp:Nelson Emanuel Saylor; born: 8 March 1852, PA, USA; marr: 3 July 1876, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 12 July 1916
4-Martha Rosetta Rhine; born: 1858, Blackford, IN, USA
4-James Lincoln Rhine; born: 27 June 1861, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 17 November 1934, Quintar, Gove, KS, USA
sp1:Belle Morgan; born: 1862, Warsaw, Rice, MN, USA; marr: 31 May 1882
5-Stella Bertha Rhine; born: 17 June 1884, Warsaw, Rice, MN, USA; died: 20 February 1966, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
sp:Roscoe Lional Cheney; born: 14 November 1880, Millersberg, Iowa, IA, USA; marr: 20 November 1900, Grove, KS, USA; died: 25 January 1953
6-Rosa Belle Cheney; born: 18 January 1901, MN, USA; died: March 1975, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
sp1:Benjamin Backer; born: 3 April 1897, Fremont, Dodge, NE, USA; marr: 25 November 1967, Las Vegas, Clark, NV, USA
sp2:Benjamin Post; born: 16 October 1891, Russia; marr: July 1932; died: August 1964, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
6-Leila May Cheney; born: 9 May 1902, Grove, KS, USA; died: 23 October 1962, Fresno, Fresno, CA, USA
sp:Ernset Lee Myers; born: 7 August 1887, Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS, USA; marr: 22 December 1923, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA; died: 11 December 1960
6-Anna Laura Cheney; born: 1905, KS, USA
6-Eva Jane Cheney; born: 8 April 1910, Grove, KS, USA; died: 20 May 1938, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA
sp:Thomas Mainon McNeece; born: 5 April 1905, Scott, TN, USA; marr: 6 March 1926, Alsey, Scott, IL, USA; died: December 1981, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA
5-James M. Rhine; born: July 1887, MN, USA
sp:Olive B. (Rhine); born: about 1887, MO, USA; marr:
6-Corrine B. Rhine; born: June 1917, MO, USA
5-Isaac Gilruth Rhine; born: 17 August 1889, Grove, KS, USA; died: 5 August 1979, Nueces, TX, USA
sp:Esther Mae Mendenhall; born: 7 August 1893, Grove, KS, USA; marr: 10 September 1911, Grove, KS, USA; died: 2 April 1979, Nueces, TX, USA
6-Maria A. Rhine; born: about 1915, KS, USA
6-Marjorie Lea Rhine; born: about 1925, TX, USA
sp:Raines; marr:
6-Nina Marie Rhine; born: 29 December 1927, Arkansas, TX, USA; died: 12 June 2005, Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA
sp1:Ellie Dick DuBose III; born: 14 January 1927, San Patricio, TX, USA; marr: 15 August 1948, San Patricio, TX, USA; died: 30 December 2004, San Patricio, TX, USA
sp2:unknown Scott; marr:
6-Dorothy Mae Rhine; born: 29 December 1927, Arkansas, TX, USA
sp:West; marr:
6-Isaac Gilruth Rhine Jr.; born: 7 April 1930, TX, USA; died: 19 June 2009
sp1:Betty Lee Norris; born: about 1933; marr: 23 December 1966, Brazoria, TX, USA
sp2:Elizabeth Martin; marr:
7-Isaac Gilruth Rhine III; born: (private), San Patricio, TX, USA
sp2:Amanda Isabella Peck; born: October 1870, IA, USA; marr: 31 May 1892, Grove, KS, USA; died: 1967, Quintar, Gove, KS, USA
5-Oliva Rhine; born: March 1893, KS, USA
5-Francis L Rhine; born: 10 December 1900; died: 18 March 1991, Quintar, Gove, KS, USA
sp:Ethel Hammer; born: 13 June 1900; marr: 1926; died: 6 January 1965, Quintar, Gove, KS, USA
5-Pearl E. Rhine; born: 31 May 1904, Quintar, Gove, KS, USA; died: 4 February 1989
sp:Ruth Alma Moyer; born: 10 April 1909; marr: 1 June 1930, Portis, Osborne, KS, USA; died: May 1985, Cowley, KS, USA
6-John Edwin Rhine; born: (private), Moscow, Grant KS, USA
sp:Mary Ann Pfamenctiel; born: 1933; marr: 23 June 1955, Ellis, Ellis, KS, USA; died: 17 March 1999, Hays, Ellis, KS, USA
7-Ruthann Ann Rhine; born: (private), KS, USA
7-Marylee Rhine; born: (private), KS, USA
+Dallas Lee Hallam; born: (private); marr:
8-Jenilee Hallam
8-Cheryl Hallam
7-Linda Rhine; born: (private), KS, USA
+Kenneth Joe Trimmer; born: (private); marr:
7-Jolene Rhine; born: (private), KS, USA
+Lonnie A. Demoret; born: (private); marr:
7-Sharon M. Rhine; born: (private), KS, USA
6-Paul Eugene Rhine; born: (private), Liberal, Seward, KS, USA
sp:Jearldine Grall; marr: (private), Hays, Ellis, KS, USA
6-Charles Dean Rhine; born: (private), Liberal, Seward, KS, USA
sp:Barbara Bell Garalda; marr: (private), Wellington, Sumner, KS, USA
5-Grace V. Rhine; born: 1906
3-Mary Cassandra Rhine; born: 1 March 1830, Gallia, OH, USA; died: 23 March 1897, Mahaska, IA, USA
sp1:Levi Heminger; born: about 1827, OH, USA; marr: 12 August 1848, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 1 August 1864, Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN, USA
4-Vinton Heminger; born: about 1847, IN, USA
sp2:Otis Milledge; born: 9 July 1814, Luzerne, PA, USA; marr: 29 February 1872, Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 9 April 1902, Marion, IA, USA
3-George Washington Rhine; born: 29 January 1832, Jay, IN, USA; died: 9 April 1935, Jasper, IA, USA
sp1:Nancy Pugh; born: 21 June 1839, IN, USA; marr: 31 December 1857, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 28 June 1864, Mahaska, IA, USA
4-Charles Alonzo Rhine; born: 18 December 1859, IA, USA; died: 19 November 1944
sp:Mary Poppenberger; born: January 1871, Germany; marr:
5-Leslie "Lulie" Rhine; born: August 1888, ND, USA; died: 30 March 1923
5-Glen Lloyd Rhine; born: September 1892, Union, IA, USA; died: 6 November 1962
sp:Fannie Gertrude Brown; born: 1899, Ringgold, IA, USA; marr: 11 June 1916, Creston, Union, IA, USA
4-John Byron Rhine; born: 1 December 1861, IN, USA; died: 23 August 1947
sp:Mollie B McLain; born: September 1863, IN, USA; marr: 14 February 1887, Mahaska, IA, USA
5-Vida Rhine; born: October 1888, IA, USA
5-Alice F. Rhine; born: July 1892, IA, USA
4-Sarah Almaretta Rhine; born: 7 September 1862; died: 27 October 1876, Mahaska, IA, USA
sp:Matilda Martin; born: 24 July 1840; marr: 5 February 1865, Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 18 March 1872, Mahaska, IA, USA
4-Carrie Eveline Rhine; born: February 1866, IA, USA
4-Henry Dennis Rhine; born: 25 May 1867, Jasper, IA, USA; died: 16 June 1956
sp:Emma F Crandall; born: 7 September 1869, ,Mahaska, IA, USA; marr: 5 March 1891, Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 29 July 1958
5-Bessie Inez Rhine; born: 26 January 1892, ,Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 15 January 1975
sp:John Andeweg; born: 12 September 1886; marr: ; died: 10 May 1980
6-Max Rhine Andeweg; born: 4 April 1917; died: 11 September 1981
sp:Mildred Marie Johnson; born: 1 February 1915; marr: ; died: 4 June 2001
7-Phyllis Marie Andeweg; born: (private)
sp1:David Kurt DeVoe; born: (private); marr:
8-Patrick David DeVoe; born: 1 May 1980; died: 1 May 1980
8-Daniel David DeVoe; born: (private)
8-Shannon Marie DeVoe; born: (private)
sp2:Stuart Edward Bessenaire; born: (private); marr:
7-Janet Lee Andeweg; born: (private)
sp1:Randal James Asher; born: (private); marr:
sp2:Raymond Ernest Charlton; born: (private); marr:
8-Heather Marie Charlton; born: (private)
8-Andrea Dawn Charlton; born: (private)
sp3:Steven James Carpenter; born: (private); marr:
8-Jesse Lee James Carpenter; born: (private)
8-Michael Scott Carpenter; born: (private)
6-Keith Crandall Andeweg; born: 6 October 1918; died: 5 December 1993
sp1:Myrtle Irene Petersen; born: 20 March 1918; marr: ; died: 15 October 1967
sp2:Dorothy Woolderidge; born: 28 June 1907; marr: ; died: 11 June 1980
6-Bruce Bernard Andeweg; born: about 1921
sp1:unknown (Andeweg); marr:
sp2:Virginia Juanita Milhon; born: 29 August 1921; marr: ; died: 28 May 2007
7-Linda Sue Andeweg; born: (private)
sp1:Norman P. Corn; born: (private); marr:
sp2:Ed McNeff; marr:
7-Ronald Ray Andeweg; born: (private)
4-Margaret Alice "Maggie" Rhine; born: 11 September 1869
sp:William Varner; marr: 19 December 1898, Muscatine, IA, USA
sp3:Sarah Ann English; born: 27 May 1845; marr: 15 March 1873; died: 4 September 1894, Mahaska, IA, USA
4-Arthur Calvin Rhine; born: 13 January 1874; died: 30 September 1923
4-Walter C. Rhine; born: 2 August 1875; died: 17 March 1894
4-Ernest Burr Rhine; born: 2 August 1879; died: 16 March 1969
4-Lilie May Rhine; born: 26 March 1881
4-James Leslie Rhine; born: 30 May 1883
sp4:Mahala Allen; born: May 1848, IN, USA; marr: 9 March 1898; died: 3 December 1935
3-John Rhine; born: 23 October 1833, Jay, IN, USA; died: 1915
3-William D. Rhine; born: 1835, IN, USA
3-Eleanor Elizabeth Rhine; born: 15 December 1838, Jay, IN, USA; died: 28 May 1898, Blackford, IN, USA
3-James Wilson Rhine; born: 5 September 1840, Jay, IN, USA; died: 14 April 1910, Richardson, NE, USA
sp:Nancy Ann Goodin; born: July 1846, Morrow, OH, USA; marr: 18 November 1869, Lancaster, NE, USA
4-L. V. Retta Rhine; born: July 1870, NE, USA; died: 11 February 1934, Columbia, OR, USA
sp:James S. Culbertson; born: November 1867, MO, USA; marr: 25 September 1890, Wilber, Saline, NE, USA; died: 30 April 1939, Portland, Multnomah, OR, USA
5-Grace E. Culbertson; born: May 1893, NE, USA
5-Francis M Culbertson; born: January 1896, NE, USA
5-Harry M Culbertson; born: 3 September 1897, KS, USA; died: August 1973
5-Edna F Culbertson; born: November 1899, NE, USA
4-Nellie V Rhine; born: November 1873, NE, USA
sp:Deems; marr:
5-Carrolyn Deems; born: 1905, OR, USA
4-Fannie G. Rhine; born: November 1875, Crete, Saline, NE, USA
4-James Madison Rhine; born: March 1879, NE, USA
sp:Florence Sutton; born: 1885, Rose Hill, Jasper, IL, USA; marr: 9 August 1907, Sainte Genevieve, Sainte Genevieve, MO, USA
4-Estella E. Rhine; born: December 1883, NE, USA
3-Robert Hughey Rhine; born: 4 March 1842; died: 17 August 1935, Mahaska, IA, USA
sp:Ann Eliza Quaintance; born: 1848, OH, USA; marr: 12 March 1868, Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 29 August 1914, Mahaska, IA, USA
4-Edward C. Rhine; born: February 1870, Prairie, Mahaska, IA, USA
sp:Leona (Rhine); born: July 1875, IA, USA; marr: 1895, IA, USA
5-Elmo Rhine; born: 7 May 1896, Prairie, Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 11 August 1972, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL, USA
sp:Ethel Buechler; born: 21 February 1899; marr: 12 May 1960, Cook, IL, USA; died: 13 August 1995, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL, USA
4-Myrtle Rhine; born: April 1872, Prairie, Mahaska, IA, USA
4-Harold H. Rhine; born: 1877, Prairie, Mahaska, IA, USA; died: 27 February 1940, Waverly, Bremer, IA, USA
sp:Myrtle C. Redfield; born: 1888, NE, USA; marr: 1909, IA, USA
5-Irene E. Rhine; born: 1910, Newton, Jasper, IA, USA
5-Evelyn R. Rhine; born: 1914, Newton, Jasper, IA, USA
5-Dorothy N. Rhine; born: 1917, Waverly, Bremer, IA, USA
5-Eleanor M. Rhine; born: 1923, Waverly, Bremer, IA, USA
5-Robert M. Rhine; born: 1927, Waverly, Bremer, IA, USA
4-Chauncey H. Rhine; born: 4 March 1882, Prairie, Mahaska, IA, USA
sp:Sadie Blanchon; born: 1886; marr: 8 January 1903, Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IA, USA
4-Earl Rhine; born: July 1889, Prairie, Mahaska, IA, USA
sp:Myrtle Freeman; born: 1894, Oelwein, Fayette, IA, USA; marr: 1 March 1912, Independence, Buchanan, IA, USA
3-Jane Rhine; born: 11 April 1843, Jay, IN, USA; died: 1926, Blackford, IN, USA
3-Isaac Gilruth Rhine; born: 24 March 1846, Jay, IN, USA; died: 12 September 1929, Madison, Madison, NE, USA
sp1:Wealthy Ellen Skinner; born: about 1856, OH, USA; marr: 13 May 1917, Kearney, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp2:Marilla Goodwin; born: May 1849, OH, USA; marr: 3 March 1870, ,Saline, NE, USA; died: 10 February 1914
4-Maggie Emma Rhine; born: 1873, NE, USA
sp:James V. Magee; born: 1869, IL, USA; marr: 3 July 1889, Saline, NE, USA
5-Lerett Magee; born: about 1901, NE, USA
5-Roy W. Magee; born: about 1902, NE, USA
5-Velma E. Magee; born: about 1906, NE, USA
5-Lester G. Magee; born: about 1911, NE, USA
4-Robert Letson Rhine; born: 1 May 1874, NE, USA
sp:Minna Henrietta Rosa Herbst; born: 25 October 1875, Van Horn, Benton, IA, USA; marr: 16 October 1897, Watertown, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: 9 March 1903, Buffalo, NE, USA
5-Harvey Isaac Rhine; born: 24 August 1898, NE, USA; died: 14 January 1904
5-Helena Lila Rhine; born: 1 July 1900, NE, USA; died: 15 January 1904
sp2:Grace Louise (Rhine); born: about 1888, NE, USA; marr: about 1905
5-Harlie R Rhine; born: 1906, NE, USA
5-Lila N. Rhine; born: 1909, NE, USA
5-Leila M. Rhine; born: 1913, NE, USA
5-Ruth M. Rhine; born: 1918, NE, USA
5-Robert H. Rhine; born: 1926, NE, USA
4-Dougella Rhine; born: about 1876, NE, USA
4-Clara E. Rhine; born: 9 December 1878, North Fork, Saline, NE, USA; died: January 1967, Brighton, Adams, CO, USA
sp1:Arthur Levi Magee; born: 9 February 1871, Petersburg, Menard, IL, USA; marr: 12 June 1894, Kearney, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: 27 January 1943, Fort Lupton, Weld, CO, USA
sp2:Frank "John" Acord; marr: 19 May 1924, Trinidad, CO, USA
4-Bernice Pearl "Nannie" Rhine; born: June 1881, NE, USA
sp:William Pickens Rhine; born: 8 February 1874, Adams, IA, USA; marr: April 1900, Loup, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: 17 December 1948, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Henry Isaac Rhine; born: 12 November 1901, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: 4 June 1957, Omaha, Douglas, NE, USA
sp:Louise Frances Davison; born: 1908, Emeline, Jackson, IA, USA; marr: 8 January 1927, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Mabel Rhine; born: 1903, Pleasanton, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp:Howard Matthews ; born: 1896, Calhan, El Paso, CO, USA; marr: 6 October 1923, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Perry Roland Rhine; born: 18 April 1903, Pleasanton, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp:Grace Patience Aldrich; born: about 1904, Alberta, Canada; marr:
6-Perry J. Rhine; born: -
6-Harvey Elton Rhine; born: 25 Dec 1938, Rimbey, Alberta, Canada; died: 9 Jan 2014
Donna Marlene Bartley; marr: 1964
7-Lorrie Rhine
7-Charlene Rhine
7-Ronald Rhine
sp:Crystal Kaminski; marr:
7-Tina Rhine
6-Alta Grace Amy Rhine
sp1:Victor Lachance; marr: (-)
7-Tyrone Harvey 'T Bone' Lachance; born: 1 Nov 1963, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada; died: 16 Jun 2013, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
7-Adrian Lachance
sp:Doreen (Lachance); marr:
8-Emily Lachance
8-Carly Lachance
7-Aleta Lachance
sp:Ronald Schulz; marr:
8-Joshua Schulz
8-Jeremy Schulz
8-Jessica Schulz
sp:Jordan (Schulz); marr:
9-Chloe (Schulz)
7-Justin Lachance; born: -
sp2:Edward Botterill; marr: (-)
6-Dale Rhine
6-Leonard Rhine
6-Fern Violet Rhine
6-Faye Rhine
6-Lylas Rhine
5-Nellie Rhine; born: 1906, Pleasanton, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp:Corma S. Aldrich; born: 1901, Spruce Hill Twp, Douglas, MN, USA; marr: 24 December 1922, Whitefish, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Willis Rhine; born: 7 February 1907, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: October 1983, Spokane, Spokane, WA, USA
sp1:Pearl E. Smith; born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; marr: 22 October 1930, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
sp2:Winnie A. Mcilhargey; born: 26 September 1896; marr: 24 December 1942, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA; died: November 1984, Spokane, Spokane, WA, USA
5-Marilla Rhine; born: 1908, Pleasanton, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp:Edward Joseph Keller; born: 1897, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA; marr: 6 October 1925, Lawrence, Nuckolls, NE, USA
5-Grace Pearl Rhine; born: December 1909, Pleasanton, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: August 1973
sp:Henry Polk Elam; born: 20 June 1904, Ada, Pontotoc, OK, USA; marr: 24 December 1926, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA; died: 21 July 1974, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
6-Richard H. Elam; born: 1930, Whitefish, Flathead, MT, USA; died: 1972
sp:Anna L. Mayhew; born: 1932, Havre, Hill, MT, USA; marr: 28 February 1949, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
6-Vernon Elam (-)
6-Jerry Elam (-)
6-Betty Elam (-)
sp:Alvin Truman; marr: (-)
6-Pat Elam (-)
sp:Frank Christiansen; marr: (-)
6-Judy Elam (-)
sp:Andrew Hallen Jr.; marr: (-)
5-Sidney Rhine; born: 19 March 1912, Poole, Buffalo, NE, USA; died: October 1960
sp:Elsie Evans; born: 1919; marr: 8 September 1938, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Roy L. Rhine; born: 1914, Poole, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp:Louise Ellen Dawson; born: 7 April 1915, Innisfree, Alberta, Canada; marr: 9 April 1934, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Mildred Rhine; born: 1916, Poole, Buffalo, NE, USA
sp:James S. Persicke; born: 1912, Plentywood, Sheridan, MT, USA; marr: 29 March 1933, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
5-Charles Edward Rhine; born: 24 February 1919, Whitefish, Flathead, MT, USA; died: 2 February 2004, Kalispell, Flathead, MT, USA
sp:Maxine Leulla Stanard; born: 1920, Whitefish, Flathead, MT, USA; marr: 15 November 1938, Lake, MT, USA
4-Lola A. Rhine; born: August 1885, NE, USA
sp:Joseph P. Carper; born: 1877, OH, USA; marr: 13 March 1903, Kearney, NE, USA
5-Lyle L . Carper; born: about 1904, NE, USA
5-Lawrence Carper; born: about 1906, NE, USA
5-Everett Carper; born: about 1908, NE, USA
5-Lee M. Carper; born: about 1910, NE, USA
5-Elsie Carper; born: about 1913, NE, USA
5-Alma A. Carper; born: about 1915, NE, USA
5-Ellen J. Carper; born: about 1919, NE, USA
4-Grace Rhine; born: October 1888, NE, USA
3-Sarah Margaret Rhine; born: 16 August 1849, Jay, IN, USA; died: 17 August 1935, Marshall, IA, USA
sp:Joseph Wesley Martin; born: 8 Dec 1845, Forest City, Holt, MO, USA; marr: 12 Sep 1868, Richardson, NE, USA; died: 9 Jun 1911, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
4-Clarence Judson "Crary" Martin; born: 10 Feb 1870, Tablerock, Pawnee, NE, USA; died: 10 Mar 1956, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
sp:Mabel Rosetta Rhine; born: 30 May 1880, Falls City, Richardson, NE, USA; marr: 26 Dec 1899, Omaha, Douglas, NE, USA; died: 20 Apr 1963, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
5-Orpha Mary Martin; born: 16 Apr 1900; died: 3 Feb 1905, Cowley, KS, USA
5-Richard Pierce Martin; born: 29 Jul 1901, Sioux City, Woodbury, IO, USA; died: 8 Sep 1977, Mission, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Belva Harriett Williams; born: 3 Feb 1917, Wilmot, Crowley, KS, USA; marr: 24 Sep 1933, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
6-Ruth Harriett Martin; born: 12 Dec 1935, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Peter Aronis; marr: 1975
6-Raymond Lewis Martin; born: 18 Oct 1937, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Marilyn Rogers; marr: Beaumont, Jefferson, TX, USA
6-Bonnie Rosetta Martin; born: 19 Jul 1943, Winfield, Cowley, KS, USA
sp:Jacob D Van Ramshorst; marr: 1961, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
6-George Patton Martin; born: 25 Jul 1947, McAllen, Hidalgo, TX, USA
sp:Ersa (Martin); marr: Edinburg, Hidalgo, TX, USA
4-Zenos Martin; born: 18 Aug 1871, Tablerock, Pawnee, NE, USA; died: 31 Jan 1901
4-Stella Martin; born: 16 Oct 1872, Tablerock, Pawnee, NE, USA
4-Brunie Carl Martin; born: 17 Mar 1876, Tablerock, Pawnee, NE, USA; died: 20 Mar 1956, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
sp:Edith Estelle Wilmot; born: 15 Mar 1879, Evergreen, CO, USA; marr: ; died: 14 Apr 1955, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA
5-Audry Martin; born: 27 Nov 1904, Hotchkiss, Delta, CO, USA; d: 19 Sep 1968, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA
sp:Curtis Don Havins; born: 28 Oct 1904, Brechenridge, Stephens, TX, USA; marr: 12 Nov 1926, Corona Del Mar, Orange, CA, USA; died: 25 Jan 1980
5-Arthur Wilmot Martin; born: 29 Jan 1907, Hotchkiss, Delta, CO, USA; died: 14 Feb 1979
3-Andrew J. Rhine; born: 3 October 1851, Blackford, IN, USA; died: 26 November 1926, Blackford, IN, USA
sp:Mary Ellen Kelley; born: about 1857, IN, USA; marr: 1876, Blackford, IN, USA
2-Margaret Rhine
2-Samuel Rhine; born: about 1809, OH, USA
sp1:Margaret Smith; marr: 11 June 1837, Gallia, OH, USA
sp2:Sarah A. (Rhine); born: 1825, OH, USA; marr:
3-William E. Rhine; born: 1848, OH, USA
3-Unice A. Rhine; born: 1850, OH, USA
3-Theadore Rhine; born: 1852, OH, USA
3-S.R. Rhine; born: 1855, OH, USA
3-Sarah Rhine; born: 1856, OH, USA
3-Marrietta Rhine; born: 1858, OH, USA
2-Martin Rhine; born: 18 September 1810, OH, USA; died: 29 November 1875, Pettis, MO, USA
sp1:Rachel Miller; born: 1 March 1815, Van Buren Twp. Darke, OH, USA; marr: 20 November 1832, Darke, OH, USA; died: 28 May 1867, Pettis, MO, USA
3-Sarah Catherine Rhine; born: 25 December 1833, Van Buren Twp. Darke, OH, USA; died: 16 January 1917, Longwood, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Michael McNutt; born: May 1833, Van Buren Twp. Darke, OH, USA; marr: 18 December 1864, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 1927, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Elizabeth F. McNutt; born: November 1863, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:George W Kemp; born: March 1856, MO, USA; marr: 1885; died: January 1934, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Solomon McNutt; born: 23 August 1866, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 8 March 1943, Clinton, Henry, MO, USA
4-Henry McNutt; born: 24 January 1868, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 1 November 1941, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
sp1:Alice Mitchell; born: May 1870; marr: 10 November 1892, Pettis, MO, USA; died: between 1905 and 1910
5-George W. McNutt; born: April 1895, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Mabel G. McNutt; born: April 1896, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Leo E. McNutt; born: 5 February 1897, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 1 May 1966, Mariposa, Mariposa, CA, USA
sp:Lillie Hieronymus; born: 16 January 1900, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 1 September 1920, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
6-Jesse McNutt; born: about 1928; died: about 1944
5-Haley William McNutt; born: 1900, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Kathryn McNutt; born: 1903, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Jesse M. McNutt; born: 1905, Pettis, MO, USA
sp2:Margaret Lee Mitchell; born: 21 August 1867, Bracken, KY, USA; marr: 1920; died: 4 June 1951, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Rosanna McNutt; born: 2 August 1869, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 8 October 1948, Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS, USA
sp:William K. S. Greer; born: 26 June 1862, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 1 November 1888; died: 28 July 1921, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Henry Silas Greer; born: 23 January 1890, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: July 1975, Branson, Taney, MO, USA
sp:Sylvia Margaret Graham; born: 4 August 1895, El Dorado Springs, Cedar, MO, USA; marr: 11 May 1912; died: 1 December 1951, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
5-Nellie May Greer; born: 9 August 1891, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:William Ray Shenwell; born: 2 December 1897; marr: 25 October 1911
5-Lloyd Greer; born: 20 February 1898, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: January 1987, Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS, USA
sp:Mable Turpin; marr:
5-Earl Greer; born: 22 November 1899, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Gertrude Schoefield; born: 9 July 1901, Peoria, Franklin, KS, USA; marr: 19 July 1922
6-Buford Duane Greer; born: 21 April 1923, Lusk, Niobrara, Wyoming, USA
sp:Mary Ruth Fain; marr: (private)
5-Elmer Greer; born: 22 November 1899, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: September 1975, Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO, USA
sp:Pauline Hawkins; born: 1901, MO, USA; marr: 4 December 1920
5-Maude Marie Greer; born: 3 August 1902, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Lester H. Cranfield; marr: 19 October 1921
5-Buford Greer; born: 31 July 1905, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 17 December 1997, Kissee Mills, Taney, MO, USA
sp:Goldie Graham; marr: 17 Mar 1934
5-Nadine Katherine Greer; born: 16 April 1910, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: August 1989, Forsyth, Taney, MO, USA
sp:Edward Engle; marr: (private)
5-Rose Margurite Greer; born: 3 February 1914, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Irvine Davis; marr: November 1935
3-Mariah Jane "Mary" Rhine; born: 13 February 1835, OH, USA; died: 21 December 1863
sp:Michael McNutt; born: May 1833, Van Buren Twp. Darke, OH, USA; marr: 6 September 1855, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 1927, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Ferdinand McNutt; born: 3 June 1861, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 16 February 1938, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Lucy Ellen Payne; born: 10 November 1861, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 16 October 1884, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 19 August 1949, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Nathan Grover McNutt; born: 27 January 1886; died: 21 May 1947
5-Leroy McNutt; born: 18 April 1887; died: 13 December 1949
5-Nellie May McNutt; born: 22 January 1890, MO, USA; died: 5 October 1982, Kalona, Washington, IA, USA
5-Ella Pearl McNutt; born: 18 January 1896
5-Bessie Catherine McNutt; born: 23 June 1899; died: 9 March 1907
3-Nancy Rhine; born: 25 April 1836, IN, USA; died: 8 March 1876, MO, USA
sp:Jacob M. McNutt; born: 3 March 1835, Van Buren Twp. Darke, OH, USA; marr: 25 October 1855, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 19 September 1869, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Anderson McNutt; born: about 1856, OH, USA
4-Martin McNutt; born: 1858, Iowa, United States; died: 1931
sp1:Emma Hinkle; born: 1862, St Clair Co., MO, USA; marr: 22 January 1882; died: about 1904
5-Ella May McNutt; born: 19 December 1884, Butler, St Clair, MO, USA; died: 2 October 1885, Butler, St Clair, MO, USA
5-Lara Bell McNutt; born: February 1885, IA, USA
5-Roy McNutt; born: September 1889, IA, USA
5-Walter McNutt; born: March 1892, IA, USA
5-Earl McNutt; born: August 1895, IA, USA
5-Viola B McNutt; born: June 1897, IA, USA
sp2:Lucinda J. Hooper; born: 1878, IL, USA; marr: 5 October 1904, St Clair, MO, USA; died: 1957
4-Sarah Ann "Sally" McNutt; born: 1860, IA, USA; died: 30 September 1931
sp:Olonzo S. Butcher; born: 1854; marr: 13 August 1876; died: 1944
5-Newton J. Butcher; born: Jun 1877, MO, USA
sp:Clara D. Clark; born: 1884, MO, USA; marr:
6-Lee M. Butcher; born: 1906, KS, USA
6-Hazel R. Butcher; b: 1909, MO, USA
6-Lena B. Butcher; born: 9 Mar 1910, Le Hunt, Montgomery, KS, USA
6-Clyde Butcher; born: 1913, KS, USA
6-Violet Butcher; born: 1917, MO, USA
5-Jonas Albert Butcher; born: 17 Feb 1883, MO, USA; died: 31 Mar 1952
5-Maud M. Butcher; born: Feb 1887, MO, USA; died: 1970
sp1:Ireland: marr:
sp2:Collins George; born: 1884, MO, USA; marr:
6-Mary George; born: 1922, MO, USA
6-Victor George; born: 1925, MO, USA
6-Gene George; born: 1931, MO, USA
5-Bertie Mabel Butcher; born: Apr 1896, MO, USA
5-Leroy Martin Butcher; born: 28 March 1901; died: 7 October 1962
4-Mary McNutt; born: about 1862, OH, USA
4-Samuel McNutt; born: 28 November 1863, MO, USA; died: 1 December 1929, MO, USA
sp:Elizabeth Jane McCully; born: 17 January 1865; marr: ; died: 1 December 1918, MO, USA
5-Anna McNutt; born: 22 October 1883, MO, USA; died: 21 November 1892, St Clair, MO, USA
5-Nellie Catherine McNutt; born: 1 November 1885, Lowry City, St Clair, MO, USA; died: 6 November 1973
sp:James C. Newman; marr: 16 March 1908; died: 1953
6-Jesse A Newman (-)
6-Earl L Newman (-)
5-Sarah Ruth Anna McNutt; born: 1888; died: 1892
5-Chester Martin McNutt; born: 25 July 1893, MO, USA; died: February 1972, Ogallala, Keith, NE, USA
sp:Pearl Estella Mannschreck; born: 4 February 1903, NE, USA; marr: ; died: 9 December 2000, Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO, USA
6-Leorice Wayne McNutt; born: 3 August 1925, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA; died: 24 January 1972
sp:Mary Lou Tupper; marr: June 14
7-Shara Diane McNutt; born: (private), North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA
sp:Tom E. Smyth; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Renae Diane Smyth; born: (private)
8-Brian Thomas Smyth; born: (private)
8-Brett Allen Smyth; born: (private)
7-Patty Marie McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Jerry J. Kemp; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Travis Jay Kemp; born: (private)
8-Lori Lee Kemp; born: (private)
7-Chester Martin McNutt; born: (private), North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA
sp:Cynthia Ann Miller; born: (private), North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA; marr: (private)
8-Wayne Leorice McNutt; born: (private)
8-Michael Chad McNutt; born: (private)
7-Dewane McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Jill Ann Snyder; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Micki Marie McNutt; born: (private)
8-Megan LeRae McNutt; born: (private)
6-Twyla Irene McNutt; born: 20 December 1926, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
sp:Waldo Jack Dancer; born: 26 April 1926, Anchorage, Alaska, USA; marr: (private), Oakland, Alameda, CA, USA
7-Karen Kay Dancer; born: (private)
7-Gary Allen Dancer; born: (private)
7-David Martin Dancer; born: (private)
6-Wilda Colleen McNutt; born: 10 October 1932, Hayes Center, Hayes, NE, USA
sp:Delbert Dean Schmidt; born: 29 September 1931, Franklin, Franklin, NE, USA; marr: (private), North Platte, Lincoln, NE, USA
7-Darwin Dean Schmidt; born: (private)
sp:Deborah McBride; marr: (private)
8-Alexander Clayton Schmidt; born: (private)
8-Phillip Dean Schmidt; born: (private)
7-Connie Colleen Schmidt; born: (private)
sp:Gregory Allen Mese; marr: (private)
8-Joshua James Mese; born: (private)
8-Aaron Matthew Mese; born: (private)
7-Lucinda Lou Schmidt; born: (private)
sp:Andrew Klinkerman; marr: (private)
8-Bethany Leann Klinkerman; born: (private)
8-Dean Andrew Klinkerman; born: (private)
5-Arch C. McNutt; born: 27 October 1895, Lowry City, St Clair, MO, USA; died: 2 January 1975, Henry, MO, USA
sp:Esther V. Tipton; born: 1 November 1910, Lowry City, St Clair, MO, USA; marr: 27 April 1926, MO, USA; died: 1 June 1997, Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA
6-Samuel LeRoy McNutt; born: 8 November 1927, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA; died: 21 August 1972, Buena Vista, Chaffee, CO, USA
sp:Dorothy Wickstrom; born: (private); marr: (private)
7-Lori Lola McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Ray Nelson; born: (private); marr:
8-Jonathan Ray Nelson; born: (private)
8-Shelane LeAnn Nelson; born: (private)
8-Amy Rene Nelson; born: (private)
8-Astell Charlese Nelson; born: (private), Denver, Denver, CO, USA
8-Jeremy Robert Nelson; born: (private), Wyoming, USA
7-Alice Naylor McNutt; born: (private), Auburn, Placer, CA, USA
sp:Kenneth Atlan Jiggins; born: (private), New York, USA; marr:
8-Jason Naylor Jiggins; born: (private)
8-Matthew Allen Jiggins; born: (private)
7-Robert McNutt; born: (private)
7-Steven McNutt; born: (private)
6-Glenn Tipton McNutt; born: 18 April 1930; died: 10 July 1940, Osceola, St. Clair, MO, USA
5-Charlie Sherwin McNutt; born: 21 November 1898, Lowry City, St Clair, MO, USA; died: 12 September 1969, St. Catherine's Hospital, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
sp:Iva Mae Tirrill; born: 30 August 1907, Basehor, Leavenworth, KS, USA; marr: 8 June 1925, Oberlin, Decatur, KS, USA; died: 15 June 2006, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
6-Orville Dale McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Evalynn Candice Cullison; born: (private); marr:(private)
7-Anita Kaye McNutt; born: (private)
sp:James Lytle; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Jeffrey Brian Lytle; born: (private)
8-Heather Jean Lytle; born: (private)
7-Lori Lee McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Mohamed Khamonma; marr: (private)
8-Jasnina Khamonma; born: (private)
8-Zackary Ahma Khamonma; born: (private)
6-Lorene Vivian McNutt; born: 27 December 1929, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
sp:Henry T. (Harry) Kordenbrach Jr.; born: 5 August 1918, Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA; marr: 28 February 1982, Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA, USA
6-Ardi Faye McNutt; born: 8 September 1931, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
sp:Joseph Eugene Moreau; born: 14 April 1933; marr: 29 July 1961
7-Dr. Charles Joseph Moreau MD; born: (private)
sp:Kristine Kelly Schneider; born: (private); marr: (private)
7-Cynthia Diana Moreau; born: (private)
sp:Brad Martin; born: (private); marr: (private)
6-Alvin Larry McNutt; born:(private)
5-Roy Samuel McNutt; born: 3 December 1903, Lowry City, St Clair, MO, USA; died: July 1967, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
sp:Mary Lucille Marcum; born: 10 September 1911; marr: 15 October 1930; died: 23 December 1976, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
6-LaVerne Marie McNutt; born: (private)
6-Delores Marie McNutt; born: (private)
sp1:Joseph Francis Cuellar; born:; marr:
sp2:Gordon Gale Hanika; born:; marr:
sp3:Delbert Dee Tucker; marr: (-)
sp4:Jens Hansen; marr: (-)
6-Murel Donald McNutt; born: 3 March 1935, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA; died: 13 October 2008, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
sp:Helen Esther Gohl; born:(private); (private)
7-Diana Kay McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Bruce Gartrell; born: (private); marr:
8-Brian Charles Gartrell; born: (private)(twin)
8-Gregory Allen Gartrell; born: (private)(twin)
8-Jeffrey Lee Gartrell; born: (private)
7-Earl Wane McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Debra Keen; marr: (private)
8-Joshua Wane McNutt; born: (private)
7-Peggy Sue McNutt; born: (private)
6-Harold A. "Herb" McNutt; (private)
sp:Tootie K. Propp; born: (private); marr: (private)
7-Rodney McNutt (-)
7-Randy McNutt (-)
6-Rita Ann McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Ottas Glen Tyson; born: 6 October 1936, Cambridge, Furnas, NE, USA; marr: 23 August 1958, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA; died: 15 June 2009, Plains, Sanders, MT, USA
7-Alan Eugene "Dede" Tyson; born: (private), Cambridge, Furnas, NE, USA
sp:Debra Walters; marr: (private)
7-Kathy Sue Tyson; born:(private), Cambridge, Furnas, NE, USA
sp:Jim Hennandez; marr: (private)
6-Gerald LeRoy McNutt; born: 12 July 1946, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA; died: 15 May 2010, Miami, Ottawa, OK, USA
sp:Sharon Kay Reeves; born: (private), Paragould, Greene, AK, USA; marr: 7 January 1973, Enid, Garfield, OK, USA
7-Majesty Arminda Simpson McNutt; born: (private)
7-Kristina Lynnette McNutt; born: (private)
7-Keith Andrew McNutt; born: (private)
5-Franklin Louis Rollo McNutt; born: 12 September 1906, MO, USA; died: 26 March 1907
5-Nathan Lee McNutt; born: 16 January 1908, Kaw City, Osage, OK, USA; died: 6 July 1996, Trenton, Hitchcock, NE, USA
sp:Dorothy Pearl French; born: 27 December 1913, Hayes, NE, USA; marr: 21 August 1930, Palisade, Hayes NE, USA; died: 4 July 1997, McCook, Red Willow, NE, USA
6-Francis Louise McNutt; born: 4 April 1933
sp:Darryl Lee Tucker; born: 17 December 1929; marr: 11 April 1951, Imperial, Chase, NE, USA
7-Debbie Tucker; born: (private)
sp1:Doug Lau; born: (private); marr:
sp2:Clark Edwin Davis; marr: (private)
8-Travis Russell Davis; born: (private)
8-Trent Clark Davis; born: (private)
8-Tiffany Marie Davis; born: (private)
7-Dari Lynn Tucker; born: (private)
sp:James Michael Olson; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Jessica Lynn Olson; born: (private)
sp:Nicholas Lee Mikoloyck; born: (private); marr: (private)
9-Gavin James Mikoloyck; born: (private)
8-Michelle Lea Olson; born: (private)
9-Connor James Olson; born: (private)
7-Raymond Darryl Tucker; born: (private)
sp1:Patrician Ann Hunter; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Erin Michelle Tucker; born: (private)
sp:Scott Johnson; marr: (private)
8-Jacob Ray Tucker; born: (private)
sp2:Pamela Diane Hess; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Amanda Rae Tucker; born: (private)
7-Kevin Tucker; born: (private)
sp1:Melissa (Tucker); marr: (-)
sp2:Laurene Marie Carriker; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Marshall Daniel Tucker; born: (private)
8-Jerald Lee Tucker; born: (private)
6-Robert Lee McNutt; born: 18 November 1934
sp:Caroleen Kae Matson; born: 30 August 1938; marr: 10 June 1954
7-David L. McNutt; born: (private)
7-Dianna Lynn McNutt; born: (private)
sp1:Sam Dybdohl; marr: (private)
sp2:Kent Douglas Ankenman; marr: (private)
8-Mackenzie Marie Ankenman; born: (private), NE, USA
8-Megan Gail Ankenman; born: (private), NE, USA
8-Matthew Lynn Ankenman; born: (private), NE, USA
sp3:Steven Ray Arhart; marr: (private)
8-Nathaniel Ray Arhart; born: (private), IA, USA
7-Gloria Jean McNutt; died: (-)
6-Norma Jane McNutt; born: (private)
sp:Darrell Cox; born: (private) marr: (private)
7-Mickey Lyle Cox; born: (private)
sp:Marlene Kay Karre; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Matthew Lyle Cox; born: (private)
sp:Camie Tyan; marr: (-)
9-Colby S. Cox; born: (private)
8-Toby Scott Cox; born: (private)
8-Jason Cox; born: (private)
8-Amy Carissa Cox; born: (private)
8-Molly Shay Cox; born: (private)
8-Sarah Lazette Cox; born: (private)
7-Mark Edward Cox; born: (private)
7-Melanie Jane Cox; born: (private)
sp:Matthew J. Clark; born: (private)
8-Lauren Nicole Clark; born: (private)
8-Jacob Clark; born: (private)
8-Paige Clark; born: (private)
7-Maury Shawn Cox; born: (private)
sp:Debra Jean Haffner; born: (private); marr: (private)
8-Nicholas James Cox; born: (private)
8-Alicea Marie Cox; born: (private)
6-Doris Marie McNutt; born: (private)
sp1:Elmer Bryson; marr: (-)
sp2:James Behee; marr: (-)
7-Wesley Allen Behee; born: (private)
7-Edward Lee Behee; born: (private)
7-Dennis Behee; born:(private)
7-Steven Behee; born:(private)
6-Bonnie Nadine McNutt; born: (private)
sp1:George Campbell; marr: (private)
7-Douglas Lee Campbell; born: (private)
sp2:Brown L. Sevier; born: 14 June 1920; marr: (private)
4-Albert McNutt; born: about 1867, MO, USA
4-Solomon McNutt; born: 25 April 1869, MO, USA; died: 27 August 1869, MO, USA
3-James Wilson Rhine; born: 27 January 1838, IN, USA; died: 27 November 1919, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Jemmina Francis "Fannie" Greer; born: 23 February 1844, Nr Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri; marr: 1 January 1866, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 1 December 1927, Nr Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri
4-Charles August "Gus" Rhine; born: 28 February 1867, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 2 June 1925, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Tennie E. Smith; born: about 1875, TN, USA; marr: 1 June 1896, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Elmer M. Rhine; born: 19 September 1870, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 25 June 1903, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Bettie Francis Rhine; born: 1875, MO, USA
4-Elizebeth Rhine; born: 1876, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Pearl C. Teufel; born: 16 May 1878, MO, USA; died: 24 July 1936, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: (-)
5-Helen Rhine Teufel; born: 1906, MO, USA; died: ?
5-Madeline P. Teufel; born: 17 Oct 1910, MO, USA; died: 30 May 1996, Stover, Morgan, MO, USA
sp: Kipp
5-Geraldine Ora Teufel; born: 29 April 1914. Neveda, Vernon, Mo, USA; died: 3 Mar 2004, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Carl G. Schrader; Born: 4 Jan 1894; died: 18 December 1963, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
6-Barbara Schrader
6-Caroline Schrader
sp:Philip B. Osborn
4-James Lowe Rhine; born: 2 March 1877, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 5 February 1958, Hughesville, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Nellie Sadie Pippin; born: 11 May 1889, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 24 June 1908, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: November 1978, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
5-Carl K. Rhine; born: about 1909, Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO, USA
5-Elmer E. Rhine; born: 31 July 1911, Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO, USA; died: March 1985, Gravois Mills, Morgan, MO, USA
sp:Loretta Ann Winkler; marr: 8 February 1941, Boonville, Cooper, MO, USA
4-William Marvin Rhine; born: 1879, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Lilian Payne; born: 19 October 1890, Newland, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 17 June 1909
3-Cynthia Ann Rhine; born: 1840, IN, USA
sp1:Eli Edward Bigelow; born: about 1845, New York, USA; marr: 17 January 1877, Pettis, MO, USA
sp2:James Edward Greer; born: 25 April 1844, Barren, KY, USA; marr: 29 March 1864, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 31 August 1865, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Elizabeth F. Greer; born: about 1865, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
3-Samuel M. Rhine; born: November 1842, IN, USA
sp:Cora Isophine Conner; born: 27 Nov 1882, Gravois Mills, Morgan, MO, USA; died: 17 Jun 1960, Lesterville, Reynolds, MO, USA; marr: 17 Jun 1908, Versailles, Morgan, MO, USA
4-Rodney Rhine; born: September 1909, Osage, Morgan, MO, USA; died: 12 Dec 1958
sp1:Thela Doris Voyles; born: 19 Mar 1919, Carter, MO, USA; died: 23 Aug 1973, St. Louis, MO, USA; mar:
5-Donita Rhine; born: abt 1938, Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA
sp:Kailer; mar:
sp2:Maudie Corine Mendenhall; born: 24 Oct 1928, Black, Reynolds, MO, USA; died: 28 May 2012, Ironton, Iron, MO, USA; marr: Jun 1951, MO, USA
3-David Rhine; born: 1844, IN, USA; died: after June 1880
3-Rebecca Olive Rhine; born: 10 October 1847, IN, USA; died: 28 February 1916, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Leander A. "Lee" Casebeer; born: 2 July 1853, De Kalb, IN, USA; marr: 4 March 1875, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Pearl May Casebeer; born: 1884, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Myrtle "Effie" Casebeer; born: 1886, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Thomas Butler Welton; born: 30 December 1856, OR, USA; marr: before 1920, MO, USA; died: 2 September 1939, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
5-Ralph R. Welton; born: 1913, MO, USA
5-Thomas Butler Welton Jr.; born: 22 September 1920, MO, USA; died: 30 August 2001, Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, FL, USA
5-Harold Welton; born: 1922, MO, USA
5-Bonnie Welton; born: 1923, MO, USA
5-Richard M. Welton; born: 2 July 1925, MO, USA; died: March 1984, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
3-Margaret Rhine; born: 1848, Van Buren Twp. Darke, OH, USA
3-Harvey B. Rhine; born: 12 February 1851, Darke, OH, USA; died: 21 February 1936, Golden City, Barton, MO, USA
sp1:Anne Elizabeth Robertson; born: 4 March 1855, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 8 August 1871, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 11 December 1883, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
4-Louella Rhine; born: 16 October 1872, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 12 October 1873, (Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri)
4-Maude Ella Rhine; born: 12 August 1874, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 13 March 1960
sp:Lee B. Bradley; born: 8 September 1872, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; marr: 17 August 1894, Butler, Bates, MO, USA; died: 4 April 1936, Osceola, St. Clair, MO, USA
5-Raymond Bradley; born: 1 March 1896, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: February 1978, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp:Ollie Cottrill; born: 19 October 1897, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA; marr: 1920; died: June 1972, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
6-Bert Russell Bradley; born: 17 August 1922, Rosedale, Kansas; died: May 1983, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp:Ruth Hanson; b: 6 Dec 1924, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA d: 2 Nov 2009, Prescott Valley, Yavapai, Arizona, USA; marr: (-)
sp:Helen Walker; marr: (-)
5-Hazel Bradley; born: 9 August 1899, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA; died: March 1987, Redding, Shasta, CA, USA
sp:Joseph Jack Hartnett; born: 15 April 1892, Leavenworth, Leavenworth, KS, USA; marr: 1 September 1921
6-Mary Virginia Hartnet; born: 19 August 1924, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp:Robert J. Dooling; born: 22 August 1922, MO, USA; marr: ; died: 3 October 1989, Peculiar, Cass, MO, USA
7-Robert Joseph Dooling
7-James Michael Dooling
7-Mary Virginia Dooling; born: 9 Mar 1952; died: 25 Nov 2008, Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA
7-Richard Patrick Dooling
7-Teresa Anne Dooling
7-Terrence John Dooling
7-Timothy Edward Dooling
7-Kevin Francis Dooling
7-Colleen Marie Dooling
6-Eleanor Louise Hartnet; born: 13 August 1927, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp:(unknown) Hurd; marr:
7-Robert Hurd
sp: Patricia Chocianowski; marr:
7-James Hurd
sp: Ann Howard; marr:
7-Richard Hurd
sp: Kristy Hamsa; marr:
7-Teresa Hurd
7-T. J. Hurd
sp: Betsy Iiams; marr:
7-Timothy Hurd
7-Kevin Hurd
7-Colleen Hurd
sp: Alan Ball; marr:
sp:R. L. Crogan; marr: (-)
6-Joseph Jackson Hartnett Jr.; born: 17 Oct 1931, Kansas City, Clay, MO, USA; died: 3 Jun 2001, Naples, Collier, Florida, USA
5-Ethel May Bradley; born: 24 May 1902, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp1:William M Hannay; marr: Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp2:George Albert Clute; born: 10 June 1895, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA; marr: Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA; died: 29 December 1992, Ventura, Ventura, CA, USA
6-George Albert Clute Jr.; born: 1 September 1921; died: 27 January 2005, Kansas City, Clay, MO, USA
sp:Billie Lavern Wise; born: about 1922; marr:
7-George Lee Clute (-)
sp:Sharon (Clute); marr:
8-Allison Lorei Clute
8-Tiffany Ann Clute
sp:Stephen Donald Rossi: marr:
7-Greg Clute
sp: Jeanette (Clute); marr:
7-Gary Andrew Clute
sp: Jayme (Clute); marr:
5-Harvey Earl Bradley; born: 11 January 1907, Rosedale, KS, USA; died: 14 February 1996, Paola, Miami, KS, USA
sp:Edna Marie Austin; born: 13 Dec 1908; marr: 5 Jan 1942; died: 1973
6-Carol Jean Bradley (private)
sp:Joseph Gicinto; marr:
6-Earl Ray Bradley (private)
6-Shari Bradley (private)
sp:Dreher; marr:
6-Nancy Bradley (private)
sp:Monteleone; marr:
4-Charles Samuel "Charley" Rhine; born: 26 September 1878, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 5 October 1910, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, USA
sp:Bertha May Reed; born: 13 May 1886, Raymond, Rice, KS, USA; marr: 14 March 1903, Stafford, Stafford, KS, USA; died: 4 October 1945, Stafford, Stafford, KS, USA
5-Dorothy Deette Rhine; born: 3 May 1904, Kinsley, Edwards, KS, USA; died: 5 August 1904, Kinsley, Edwards, KS, USA
5-Charles Melvin Rhine; born: 21 November 1910, Stafford, Stafford, KS, USA; died: 7 April 2000, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, USA
sp:Doris Wilmae Strange; born: 5 August 1913, Saskatchewan, Canada; marr: 5 April 1931, Sedgwick, KS, USA; died: 5 January 1993, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS, USA
6-Wallace C Rhine; born: (private)
6-Carole Jean Rhine; born: (private)
sp:Campbell; marr:
4-George Kersey Rhine; born: 3 June 1883, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 26 August 1950, San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA
sp1:Ina Aisa Morgan; born: 18 May 1883, Golden City, Barton, MO, USA; marr: 12 October 1903, Golden City, Barton, MO, USA; died: 29 May 1929, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
5-Jules Alphonso Rhine; born: 16 April 1904, Golden City, Barton, MO, USA; died: 8 August 1994, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp:Willie Juanita Carpenter; born: 13 November 1904, El Dorado Springs, Cedar, MO, USA; marr: 31 December 1928, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA; died: 20 January 1989, Independence, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
6-Jules Wayne Rhine; born: (private), Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
sp:Alma Jean Sutter; born: (private), Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga, OH, USA; marr: (private), Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
7-Jules Wayne Rhine Jr.; born: (private), Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp:Amy Marie Rapp; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA; marr: (private), Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
8-Irene Viola Rhine; born:(private), Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
8-Matthew Jules Rhine; born: (private), Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
8-Jeffrey Carl Rhine; born: (private), Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
7-James Allen Rhine; born: (private), Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
6-Shirley Francis Rhine; born: (private), Sandusky, Erie, OH, USA
sp1:William Allan Taylor; born: (private), Maryland, USA; marr: (private), Sharon, Mercer, PA, USA
7-William Jules Taylor; born: 19 October 1954, Ravenna, Portage, OH, USA; died: 29 April 2006, Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp1:Michele Denise Rallya; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA; marr: (private), Macedonia, Summit, OH, USA
8-Misty Dawn Taylor; born: (private), Garfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp:Ryan Lee Rosencrance; born: (private), Charleston, Kanawha, West VA, USA; marr: (private), Independence, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
9-Tyler Anthony Rosencrance; born: (private), Garfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
9-Kyle Rosencrance (-)
9-Jessica Leigh Rosencrance; born: (private)
8-Shannon Leigh Taylor; born: (private), Garfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp:William Patrick Horn; marr: (private), Summit, OH, USA
9-Cassandra Marie Horn; born: (private), Summit, OH, USA
9-Jaden Riley Horn; born: (private), Summit, OH, USA
sp2:Diana Ruth Campbell; born: (private), Akron, Summit, OH, USA; marr:(private), Akron, Summit, OH, USA
sp3:Diana Ruth Campbell; born: (private), Akron, Summit, OH, USA
sp4:Dawn Andrea Adams; born: (private); marr: (private), Akron, Summit, OH, USA
7-Robert Steven Taylor; born: (private), Garfield Heights, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp1:Lora Jane Sekerak; born: (private), Bellaire, Belmont, OH, USA; marr: (private), Parma, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
8-Jarrett Jules Taylor; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
8-Crystal Lynn Taylor; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
8-Joseph James Taylor; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp2:Robert Donald Schoenthal; born: 16 September 1927, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA; marr: 9 July 1964; died: 3 March 2002, Northfield, Summit, OH, USA
7-Donald Scott Schoenthal; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp:Carrie Paige Rowlen; marr: (-)
8-Amanda Schoenthal (-)
8-Danielle Schoenthal (-)
7-Ronald Glenn Schoenthal; born: (private), Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
sp2:Lou Ila "Lulu" Smith; born: 7 March 1888, TX, USA; marr: 24 Feb 1910, Tom Green, TX, USA; died: 3 December 1948, Luling, Caldwell, TX, USA
5-George Ruffini Rhine; born: 13 March 1912, San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA; died: 21 August 1974, San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA
sp:Alice Geraldine Townsend; born: 3 March 1912, Columbus, Colorado, TX, USA; marr: 20 January 1940, San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA; died: 23 June 1999, Bexar, TX, USA
6-George Gegenworth Rhine; born: 12 September 1941, Brownwood, Brown, TX, USA; died: 7 February 2011, Cohutta, Whitfield, GA, USA
sp:Nancy Smith; born: (private); marr: (private)
7-Worth Marvis Rhine; born: (private)
sp:Tim Ferguson; marr: Christchurch, New Zealand
8-George Guy Ferguson; born: (private)
7-Whitney Beckmann Rhine; born: (private)
6-Brenda Rhine; born: (private), Brooklyn, ,New York, USA
sp:George Heyburn Gilpin Jr.; born: (private), Bexar, TX, USA; marr: (private), San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA
7-George Heyburn Gilpin III; born: (private), Nashville, Davidson, TN, USA
sp:Gigi Sharp; marr: (-)
8-George Gilpin (-)
8-Henry Gilpin (-)
7-Katherine Rhine Gilpin; born: (private)
sp:Ian Van Hoven; marr: (-)
8-Patrick Van Hoven (-)
8-Henry Van Hoven (-)
6-Janet Rhine; born: (private), Columbus, Colorado, TX, USA
sp:Martin Francis Casey Jr.; born:(private), Bexar, TX, USA; marr: (private), San Antonio, Bexar, TX, USA
7-Martin Casey (-)
sp:Chloe Marien; marr: (-)
8-Salome' Casey (-)
8-Calypso Siouxsie Casey (-)
sp2:Jemima Elizabeth Greer; born: 27 February 1853, Petra (historical), Saline, MO, USA; marr: 21 February 1884, Ballard, Bates, MO, USA; died: 11 January 1929, Kenoma, Barton, MO, USA
4-Jesse Lane Rhine; born: 7 December 1888, Butler, Bates, MO, USA; died: 8 August 1958
sp:Anna Bayles; born: 1897, MO, USA; marr: 13 October 1916, Lamar, Barton, MO, USA; died: 1967, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
5-Gerald Lane Rhine; born: 28 November 1917, MO, USA; died: 9 January 1983, Beaumont, Riverside, CA, USA
sp1:Helen Paulyne Medlock; born: 14 November 1924, Ava, Douglas, MO, USA; marr: before 1946, Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, ID, USA; died: 10 March 1994, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA, USA
6-Richard Phillip Rhine; born: (private), Ava, Douglas, MO, USA; died: 4 April 1943, Ava, Douglas, MO, USA
6-Opal JoAnn Rhine; born: (private), Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA, USA
sp:Wilton Brian "Bill" Poolman; born: (private); marr:
7-Julie Marie Poolman; born: (private)
sp:Nick C. Jackson; born: (private); marr: (private), HI, USA
8-Noah Jackson (-)
6-Gerald Lane Rhine; born: 24 January 1948, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA, USA; died: 15 October 1966, Quang Tin, South Vietnam
sp2: Mary Marguerite "Rose" Cooper; marr: (-)
6-Michael Lane Rhine (-)
sp: Priscilla A Hartsfield (-)
5-Margaret Rhine; born: 1925, KS, USA
5-Annabelle Rhine; born: 1927, MO, USA
5-Buford Harvey Rhine; born: 4 May 1928, Lamar, Barton, MO, USA; died: 18 December 1932, Lamar, Barton, MO, USA
5-Barbara Rhine; born: 1928, MO, USA
5-Robert Rhine; born: 1929, KS, USA
sp:Millicent Stubbs; born: 13 Mar 1927; marr: 20 Apr 1950, Carroll, AK, USA
5-Joan Patricia Rhine; born: 19 May 1934, MO, USA; died: 3 Sep 2001, Liberty, Clay, MO, USA
4-Cora Rhine; born: 13 June 1892, Butler, Bates, MO, USA; died: 1964
sp:Jesse William McCall; born: 9 October 1886, Jasper, MO, USA; marr: 25 May 1909, Mount Carmel, Barton, MO, USA; died: 10 September 1938, Golden City, Barton, MO, USA
5-Clifford Glen McCall; born: 24 March 1910, Kenoma, Barton, MO, USA
5-Loveta Opel McCall; born: 1 October 1911, Kenoma, Barton, MO, USA; died: 31 August 1996, Lake View, Sac, IA, USA
sp:Clarence Paul McConnell; born: 2 February 1911, Barton, MO, USA; marr: 18 October 1930; died: 11 December 1968, Lake View, Sac, IA, USA
5-Leonard Ray McCall; born: 23 January 1915, Kenoma, Barton, MO, USA; died: 12 July 1974, Lamar, Barton, MO, USA
sp:Doris Louise Kentner; born: 10 March 1918, Golden City, Barton, MO, USA; marr: 22 October 1938
6-Marilyn Sue McCall; born: (private), Lamar, Barton, MO, USA
sp:Gerald Byron Wolfe; marr: (-)
7-Jeffery Byron Wolfe (-)
7-Julia Louise Wolfe (-)
7-Jennifer Lynn Wolfe (-)
6-Judith Ann McCall; born: (private), Lamar, Barton, MO, USA
sp:Harold Leroy Barkley; marr: (-)
7-Amber Leann Barkley (-)
7-Stasha Lenn Barkley (-)
7-Nathan Wade Barkley (-)
6-Kenneth Ray McCall; born: (private), Lamar, Barton, MO, USA
sp:Nancy LaDean Wimer; marr: (-)
7-Rebecca Raylene McCall (-)
7-Eric Ray McCall (-)
6-Cathy Louise McCall; born: (private), Lamar, Barton, MO, USA
sp:Michael Joseph Thompson; marr: (-)
7-Jay Michael Thompson (-)
7-Joshua Andrew Thompson (-)
5-Jewell Wayne McCall; born: 24 February 1926, Kenoma, Barton, MO, USA; died: 16 February 1961
sp:Lillie B. Plian; marr:
6-Shiela McCall
sp1:Gary Allen Stevens; marr:
7-Caleb Joshua Stevens
sp2:Jack Sportman; marr:
7-Cassie Sportman
7-Kylie Sportman
7-Tyler Sportman
3-Phoebe Eleanor Rhine; born: 13 July 1851, OH, USA; died: 29 August 1922, Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA
sp:Emory Thomas Butcher; born: 20 March 1851, Gallia, OH, USA; marr: 2 April 1876, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 2 December 1937, Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA
4-Shirley Leroy Butcher; born: 27 September 1881, Calvert, Robertson, TX, USA; died: 1 August 1963, Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA
4-William Parnell Butcher; born: 21 July 1886, Calvert, Robertson, Texas, USA; died: 9 April 1953, Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA
sp:Louise Antoinette Ackerman; b: 1884, Mound City, Linn, KS, USA; marr:
5-Ruth Louise Butcher; born: 20 Dec 1914, Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA
5-Mary Elinor Butcher; born: 1918, Texas, USA
3-George Mitchell Rhine; born: June 1853, Van Buren Twp, Darke, OH, USA
sp:Francis Adeline Galyon; born: 30 December 1857, IN, USA; marr: 30 August 1874, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 27 November 1934, Webb City, Jasper, MO, USA
4-Anna R. Rhine; born: June 1880, MO, USA
4-Leona Rhine; born: 21 July 1884, Montgomery, Hickory, MO, USA
4-Lola S. Rhine; born: May 1892, MO, USA
4-George M. Rhine; born: July 1895, MO, USA
sp1:Ethel L. Luster; born: 1900, MO, USA; marr: 21 October 1916, Carterville, Jasper, MO, USA
5-Felix M. Rhine; born: March 1918, OK, USA
sp2:Virginia Mae Vester; born: 11 Oct 1913, Tennessee, USA; marr: 26 Sep 1939, Knightstown, Henry, IN, USA
4-William Arthur Rhine; born: 25 September 1889, Richland, MO, USA; died: d: 14 Feb 1942, Rogers, OK, USA
sp:Gertrude E. Reed; born: 29 May 1887, MO, USA; marr: 11 March 1909, Carthage, Jasper, MO, USA; died: 17 Feb 1962, Locust Grove, Mayes, OK, USA
5-Verl Rhine; born: 20 June 1910, OK, USA; died: 10 March 1986, Claremore, Rogers, OK, USA
sp:Bertie Isabelle (Rhine); born: about 1922; marr: about 1945; died: 13 July 1998, OK, USA
6-Daniel Verl Rhine; born: 7 Sep 1946, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, USA; died: 21 Jun 2012, Claremore, Rogers, OK, USA
sp:Pamela L Jones; marr: (-)
7-Lisa Rhine
sp:Eric McCurdy
8-Tyler McCurdy
8-Sarah McCurdy
7-Wendi Danene Rhine
sp:William David Morris
7-Terry Rhine
5-Sam Albert Rhine; born: 13 July 1913, Mayes, OK, USA; died: February 1974, Claremore, Rogers, OK, USA
sp:Ruth Pauline Hill; born: 8 April 1917, Chelsea, Rogers, OK, USA; marr:; died; 24 Jun 2005, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, USA
6-Samuel James Rhine; born: 1940, OK, USA; died: 1984
sp:Nancy Sue (Rhine); marr:
6-John L. Rhine; born: 30 Oct 1943, OK, USA
sp:Linda Jo (Rhine); marr:
6-Mary Jeane Rhine; born: 9 Jul 1947
sp:Delbert Harris; born: 27 Jan 1946; marr:
6-Sandra Mae Rhine
6-Mark Wayne Rhine; born: 10 Dec 1953, OK, USA
sp:Elizabeth (Rhine)
5-Claude E. Rhine; born: 12 October 1915, Mayes, OK, USA; died: September 1978, Claremore, Rogers, OK, USA
sp:Jewell (unknown); born: 1918, TX, USA;
6-Patsie S Rhine; born: 1938, OK, USA
5-Bill Wesley "Billie" Rhine; born: 31 December 1924, OK, USA; died: 28 July 1995, Claremore, Rogers, OK, USA
4-Florence Rhine; born: 1900, MO, USA
3-Susannah Rhine; born: 1855, Pettis, MO, USA
3-Elizabeth Rhine; born: 1857, Pettis, MO, USA
3-Betty Frances Rhine; born: 1860, Pettis, MO, USA; died: before July 1920
sp:Fredrick Christian Kraas; born: 6 Nov 1860, Independence, Jackson, MO, USA; marr: 26 July 1876, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 6 Feb 1925, Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
4-Mabel M. Kraas; born: 19 Mar 1882, MO, USA; died: 17 Sep 1957, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
sp:Wilfred Clarence Mcleod; born: 12 Aug 1881, Indian Hills, Monroe, MO, USA; marr: 30 Oct 1920, Detroit, Wayne, MI, USA; died: Aug 1923
sp:Asberenia Elizabeth Farrand; born: 23 October 1824, KY, USA; marr: 14 January 1869, Pettis, MO, USA; died: 23 December 1881, Sedalia, Pettis, MO, USA
2-Catherine Rhine (-)
2-William Rhine(-)



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